Valley de Guadalupe located in Baja California was settled by Spanish Jesuit Priests in 1791. The climate and soil were excellent for growing wine.
Valley de Guadalupe is full of surprises and fascinating facts. Russian immigrants fleeing the Russian Revolution, Spanish Conquests, The Mexican revolution, and the birth of the heart and soul of Mexican wine.
Today there are over 100 wineries in the Valle producing 90% Mexican wine. Where there is wine there is fine cuisine. From Deckman's Michelin-rated restaurant to Iggy’s roadhouse style BBQ stand and everything in between.
Cycling tours in Baja are popular because the roads are excellent, winding and meandering through beautiful scenery taking you past incredible wineries, restaurants, landscapes, and luxury hotels. This makes it a perfect cycling adventure.

It rivals Napa Valley in many respects. It may not be French Laundry or Mondavi, but the charm and warmth of Mexico surpass the sometimes pretentious and often uber-expensive hotels in Napa Valley.

We Work Hard on Luxury
We Don’t Work Hard on Training

Pampering you in our boutique hotel in the heart of Valle de Guadalupe, along with pro-style support vehicles, sports nutrition, and spare wheels may mislead you into thinking we are all work at Mallorca Luxury Cycling. Here a disclaimer is needed: this is not a tour to get you in shape for your upcoming race, we are not counting ride times, bpm, and calories. We only want you to enjoy cycling tours in Baja.
The cycling tours in Baja experience is designed to remind you why you fell in love with riding in the first place, this is about travel atop your favorite and familiar means of transportation discovering a foreign beauty that will quickly create memories of a lifetime. With Mallorca Luxury Cycling, we will be with you all the time to guide you during your biking travel.