Mallorca Luxury Cycling

Ride with Legends

We are honored to announce our Ride with Legends program for the month of April 2020. Join us and discover why Mallorca is the optimal training ground for Pro Cyclists.

Mallorca Luxury Cycling offers an amazing week, ride the most outstanding routes in the Island, enjoy the finest Gastronomy, extravagant Accommodations, unbelievable Excursions and Visits, and all of it together with a world renowned Cycling Legend.

Space is limited and by invitation.
Attendance dates for each Legend to be released exclusively upon request.

Contact us to Register or if you have any questions.
+1 323 515 3048


Johan Bruyneel – Director Sportif

  • 9 Time Winner Tour De France
  • 2 Time Winner Giro D’Italia
  • 2 Time Winner of Vuelta España
  • Countless other wins
  • Spend a week with Johan and hear about what it took to be a Champion, a Leader and a Writer of Cycling History

Viacheslav Ekimov “Eki”

  • 3 Time Olympic Gold Medal Winner
  • 2 Time World Champion
  • Russian National Champion, as well as numerous UCI
  • Race and Stage Wins
  • Current President of the Russian Cycling Federation
  • Eki brings a wealth of stories and life experience, that only a few men can deliver

Jose Luis Rubiera “Chechu”

  • Instrumental team mate of Lance Armstrong leading him to five of his Tour de France victories
  • His climbing excellence led Armstrong up the Alpe D’Huez
    in the 2001 Tour De France
  • An epic story of courage and sacrifice
  • He earned an engineering degree in 2004, while balancing his race schedule and studies
  • A formidable Athlete with an abundance of knowledge and stories to be shared with us in Mallorca

Victor Hugo Peña “El Tiburon”

  • In 2003, Peña became the first Colombian to wear the yellow jersey at the Tour de France
  • He held on to it for three more stages
  • Peña’s 2003 and 2004 Tour de France where he served as domestique for Lance Armstrong, is a story within a story. Full of enough drama
    and intensity worthy of a Spielberg Film
  • He was in that role of super domestique for Lance Armstrong from 2001 -2004
  • Named after both his father Hugo and the author Victor Hugo, he earned his nickname “El Tiburon” (“the shark”) due to his looks and the other sport he excelled at besides cycling
  • Peña finished 7th in the 100 meter freestyle Pan American Swimming Championships for juniors in 1991
  • A master story teller and wonderful person to have a glass of wine with