Welcome to our boutique hotel which has been specially curated for hosting you for your Mallorca Luxury Cycling experience. Luxurious amenities coupled with Spanish charm and architecture make for an authentic charming stay.

Our boutique hotel boasts, lush grounds, pool, gym and private massage treatment rooms where you will be pampered. Located at the doorway to the iconic Serra de Tramuntana and a short ride to the Mediterranean sea we are perfectly situated at the heart of all the best that Mallorca has to offer.

The tables of our hotel are always topped with delicious locally sourced food and glasses can often be heard clinking together in cheers as refreshments are always within arms reach. The restaurant and common areas at our hotel will cater to many meals and even late night cravings or afternoon between meal snacks.

During your time at our boutique hotel you will be immersed in the Mallorca Luxury Cycling lifestyle from recovery massages and gym to recovery drinks and tapas and a private flamenco show. Our boutique hotel will be your home away from the saddle.

There are no moves, no stressful unpacking and repacking for the entirety of your experience. You will be lodged at our boutique hotel under the attentive care of your trip hosts Joel and Manuel, who will be on call to insure the creation of an unforgettable stay.

Nuestra Casa Es Su Casa!