The Journey

At Mallorca Luxury Cycling we want you to experience more than just spectacular rides, after all you are in Mallorca, you are in Spain…

Here food is a passion and a way to socialize and enjoy friends and family.

Our Culinary Journey, is as important as our Cycling one, you will be treated to some of the best food the Island has to offer, with a full time Private Chef at La Maison, Paella and Tapas with Chef Manuel, Winery visit with Pairing Dinner, Mariscada night and a Michelin Rated Restaurant, amongst other Local hidden treasures.

We will also take care of nourishing your Culture experience of the Island with some amazing visits and events such as:

– La Granja d’Esporles, an estate from the 10th century

– Sanctuary de LLuc, a 13th century monastery

– Cuevas del Drach “Dragon Caves” dating back to 1338

– Ribas, the oldest Winery in Mallorca since 1711

– Private Flamenco Show

The Rides

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Day 1 ⁃ Domingo: Bien Venidos a Mallorca!

Welcome to La Maison: Tapas and Drinks with Joel and Manuel

From your flights first touch down at Palma International Airport your Mallorca Luxury Cycling experience will begin. After walking out into the welcoming afternoon Mediterranean sun among the throngs of travelers returning home and tourists arriving searching for taxis you will spot the Mallorca Luxury Cycling welcome team. We will assist you with your bags and accompany you to La Maison.

After your initial entrance into La Maison you will experience a proper Mallorca Luxury Cycling welcome party attended by the owners Joel and Manuel. While the logistics are taken care of by the staff such as check in and bringing your bags to your room you will be shown around the grounds while you enjoy a tapas and drinks welcome party, where you will get to know the people you will be sharing your trip with. The first day will be topped off by a laidback, friendly cocktail party followed by an expertly prepared dinner by our resident private chef all under the soothing and soulful melodies of one of Mallorca’s most prominent Flamenco Jazz fusion Guitarists.

Day 2 ⁃ Lunes: Pedal for Paella

Straddle your Perfect Pinarello bike for the first time get behind your US champion guide, Joel and set your sights on the jaw dropping Cap De Formentor, it is here along its winding climbing roads that you will begin to form a picture of the experiences that lay ahead of you. But there will be little time for such contemplation as up, up, up, you’ll go to its peak before that sweet decent under Spanish clear as crystal skies and a sea of a thousand blues. Down through the rolling decent in between your two full service support vans the road will bring you into the Port De Pollensa where the group will make our pilgrimage to the iconic cyclist pit stop for pros and adventures armatures alike Tolo’s Restaurant.

Day 3 ⁃ Martes: Seaside and Seafood

Our start point for our Tuesday morning ride is the Sanctuary de Lluc a pillar of Mallorquin heritage, stunning 13th century stone work and dazzling mosaics set the stage for the first stop on the ride. Pedaling off from Santuari de Lluc we will lean back in the saddle down the breezy blue sky decent of Sa Calobra, taking it nice an easy through the hairpins following Joel all the way to the monumental sea side chasm that enclaves the Torrent de Pareis beach. After a moment to take it all in at the beach its back in the saddle with your handle bars framing the sight of the Cala Tuent climb overlooking the meeting point of the wild and willful sea and the unrelenting Mallorca stone cliffsides, the final stretch, before taking our lunch break at a Mallorca sea cliff restaurant in the town of Cala Tuent.

After Lunch its back to La Maison for some downtime and a shower before we head out for our nightly excursion to the town of Alcudia. Greeted by medieval architecture under a twilight sky, Alcudia leaves an impression of historic beauty on those that come through it that has seldom been matched. Allotting the appropriate amount of time for a walk about to discover the town we will reunite at the heart of any proper Mallorquin town, no not the church, you guessed it the local seafood restaurant. As much a part of the history of the stone medieval architecture is a history of seafood. For dinner we will be treated to a “Mariscada” seafood extravaganza. After a day of discovering the island on the back of a Pinarello it is time to venture into the island life in the oldest and most enjoyable way.

Discovery of a Spanish island from a seat at the dinner table. Buen Provecho !

Day 4 ⁃ Miércoles: Veni Vidi Vici e Vino

After a restful nights sleep at La Maison its time to work off Tuesday night’s dinner and what more helpful way is there to promote good digestion than being vertical on a mountain side. That’s right, Wednesday is a climb day. Follow Joel up, up, and up the switch back roads of Coll de Soller until the peak. Stay focused and stay on the climb for the prize is at the top and on the other side, the Port de Soller will be your point of refuge for the morning.

After a short break its back on the bike and through Spanish mountain villages gliding down hill all the way to Valldemossa following the scenic roads of the Serra Trumantana and then its sights set for home and back to La Maison.
After our break at home we will set out for Bodegas Ribas the oldest and most prominent winery on all the Spanish islands, proudly producing wine since 1711. There we will meet our Vintner host to give us a private tour of the vineyard culminating in a wine pairing and dinner accompanied by the sounds of a flamenco guitar.

Day 5 ⁃ Jueves: Maravilloso Chef Andreu

Following Wednesdays climb a well-earned day of rest is in order, Thursdays on the island are for taking it easy. Today we roll right out the front door of La Maison and travel through the villages of Bunyalbufar to Puigpunyent and onward towards Galilea. The striking scenery of private wineries and tight snaking switch backs will take us through some charming towns and hidden historic churches as we take the time to stop and try local food markets and discover the more hidden parts of the island.

Lunch will be prepared by our Chef in residence back at La Maison. Then then off we go to the east side of the island to visit the famous Cuevas del Drach (Dragon Caves). Then we will go to the Majorica Pearl Factory museum and store. Manuel’s mom worked at the Majorica factory for 40 years and helped make them the best man made pearls in the world. No tourist trap souvenir shops and generic thrift stores when you travel with us you are taking the authentic tour of all the shopping and gifts the island has to offer from local friends and family. Following our visit to Majorica Pearls we are off to dinner where we will be greeted by Maitre D’ David Serrano, Manuel’s childhood friend, who will lead us to our private table at Chef Andreu Genestra’s Michelin Star restaurant.

Day 6 ⁃ Viernes: Grand Finale

Flamenco Show, Dinner y Ole!!

The final ride after breakfast, we start at Banyalbufar where we ride along the roads of Serra de Tramuntana in a day full of sea breeze and wind in your face taking us down to Port d’Andratx. Along the route we will make some stops to take in the cliffside views that were given Status as a World Heritage UNESCO sight. We will have lunch in Port D’Andratx at a carefully selected port side seafood restaurant.

Then its back to La Maison for down time and a massage while the staff prepares the grand finale Flamenco Dinner and Show. We will enjoy tapas throughout the evening as we are entertained by a private Flamenco Performance, by an acclaimed Flamenco Group. It will be a night full of inside jokes, shared memories of the trip, tapas drinks and as always gracious hosting by Manuel and Joel.

Day 7 ⁃ Sábado: Adios Amigos

New friends and great memories have been made. Alas it’s not Adios but Hasta Luego.

After breakfast we will accommodate your transportation to the airport or your next stop.

And so we say with confidence and minimal sadness Hasta Luego, until we see you again, for there is seldom a rider who has passed through Mallorca that hasn’t left a small part of his heart on this island and sooner or later he will be back to re visit it.


To visit the best scenery and enjoy the best culinary foods it should only be done in the saddle of the best bike available. Pinarello has been the winning bike of Le Tour de France 15 times.

The history of champions that rode Pinarello is a lexicon of the world’s best. Mallorca Luxury Cycling wants you to have the best available and that means the Pinarello. We have made arrangements to offer you Pinarello’s including Di2 electronic shifting.

But don’t worry if the Tapas Paella and Wines leave you feeling a bit tired. We also offer the Pinarello Nytro E-bike, an amazing road bike that has the option of electronic power to help you focus on the scenery and your travels not your heart rate and power output.

Pinarello Gan S

Pinarello Gan S road bikes, take all the technology and performance from the world renowned Dogma racing machines and adapts that high end technology to create a world class touring bike.
Maintaining the race performance of the Dogma while adapting it for the longer touring days make this the Gan S the go to selection for Mallorca Luxury Cycling. Shimano Ultegra Di.2 electric gears teamed up with a Fulcrum wheel set and Continental tires offers a great performance package.

Pinarello Nytro eBike

The Nytro eBike is the premiere motor assisted road bike from Pinarello designed to surprise and inspire you. With a powerful motor and battery in the downtube, it handles like a high-end road bike, but assists you up to a speed of 25 km/hr. With four speed settings, you can access up to 400 watts of assistance to power up the climbs.
Carbon fibre frame with Shimano R8000 and Fulcrum R500 Disc brakes. This is the bike to choose for anyone wanting to focus on the journey and less on the effort. Also a great option for spouses and friends that want to work less and enjoy more.

Dates 2020

March 29th – April 4th      Few Remaining
April 5th – April 11th          ( SOLD OUT )
April 12th – April 18th       Few Remaining
April 19th – April 25th       ( SOLD OUT )

October 11th – October 17th
October 18th – October 24th
October 25th – October 31st
November 1st – November 7th
November 8th – November 14th      Few Remaining