The initial idea was born out of a conversation one Sunday afternoon. After lunch and many glasses of sangria, Spanish Chef Manuel Romero and His Brother in law US National Champion Cyclist Joel Bertet joked “the only way to eat and drink like Manuel and survive past 60 is to work out like Joel does”. Amidst the chorus of laughter the mission statement for Mallorca Luxury Cycling was created, ride like a world-class athlete and recuperate in that full bellied, slightly tipsy, napping in the afternoon manner in celebration of the uniquely beautiful, quaint and relaxing cultural experience that is the Spanish Island lifestyle.

Mallorca Luxury Cycling is a venture sprouted from the love of a paradox. The peak athletic cult like life style of hardcore cyclists and the laid back culture of the Spanish islands.

And so the brothers got to work, Manuel an excessively talented Spanish chef and Mallorca native and Joel a US national champion and longtime international property manager put their heads together and created what is now Mallorca Luxury cycling. A luxury, leisurely organized discovery of one of the most beautiful islands the word has to offer all from within the saddle of a bike and a seat at the dinner table.