Why Us?

Mallorca calls us home 3 months a year. In the meantime, we needed our Mallorca fix for the other 9 months of the year and we found it in our backyard only a 90 minute drive from San Diego into the Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico. Joel and Manuel have vacation homes in the beach town of Rosarito right at the doorway to the Valle de Guadalupe. For the past several years Joel has been riding along the coast and through the roads in the Valle as Manuel continually discovered the newest and best wineries and restaurants.

Your Hosts

Mallorca Luxury Cycling was created by brothers in law, one a US cycling champion and the other a Spanish chef and Mallorquin native.

Manuel Romero

From his early age living on the island Manuel developed his passion for cooking under the tutelage of his father, an unofficial but highly regarded master chef of Spanish island cuisine. Antonio Romero learned to cook in the Spanish Navy and for reasons that should appear relatively clear in contrast devoted the rest of his life to the pursuit of mastering the art of cooking.

After serving his turn in the Spanish Military Manuel decided to follow his passion for food as well, a journey that would lead him away from his home islands and across the world covering three countries until ultimately leading him back to Mallorca. His journey started with the establishment of a local cornerstone gastro pub in his home town of Manacor. It was this first endeavor into service industry and it made it possible for Manuel to follow his passion as a chef, after selling the pub Manuel decided to take a break and moved to Vienna, Austria.

After spending two years in Austria his journey lead him to Los Angeles where he honed his craft of Spanish cuisine at the hands down best Spanish restaurant in Los Angeles, La Paella. Thereafter, he also worked at Chef Thomas Keller’s Bouchon Beverly Hills.

At the end it was in Los Angeles where Manuel mastered his love for Spanish cooking to near perfection and it is with his uniquely crafted and acquired skills that he brings back his attention and devotion to the island, that may have been far from sight, but was always home, Mallorca.

Joel Bertet

Born and raised in Los Angeles Joel started riding and racing in his teen years, a passion that was lost among an early marriage at the age of 23 , years at law school and building his current business centered around real estate development and commercial and residential interior design. In addition Joel is a top rated SuperHost on Airbnb managing luxury properties across the globe. It was after the great success in property development and high end rental management that Joel finally had time to rediscover his love for riding 13 years ago, a hobby that has rekindled a lifelong passion that currently boarders on obsession.

While an avid road racer and endurance rider Joel is most at home on the boards of the velodrome. Startling speeds and high intensity that to a layman looks to be the sport of madmen. Spinning around the sheer walls of the velodrome at a 45 degree angle at mind boggling speeds, inches away from other competitor all on a bike that has no breaks, for many just witnessing a velodrome race is enough to make you weak in the knees. However here is where Joel is most at home on a bike and he has the track record to prove it. Years of dedication, training and an outright force of nature that constitutes his competitive spirit has paid off and covered the walls of Joel and Sophie’s West Hollywood Home, adorned with awards, medals and achievements.

Joel is a 5 Time California State Champion, USA National Champion, USA National Record Holder and is currently ranked 6th in World Championships. After establishing himself as a king of the track Joel now takes more pleasure in the less intense form of riding, a style more akin to what drew him to the bike in his earlier years, a laid back, yet heart thudding road rider he is rediscovering the long road rides, and climbs with less of an eyes on the clock or bpm monitor and a more mindful attitude to take in the surrounding nature and the good company of his friends, veteran pros and amateurs alike along for the ride.

Joel and Manuel currently live down the street from one another but the definition of their home cannot be limited solely to their street address, for these two an essential part of their home has always been a seat in the saddle and a seat at the dinner table.